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  • Mother: Come on, were going to sort this out like a family.
  • Me: no. No we aren't. It always ends up with me crying which I've already done today thank you very much. And in the meantime harsh words will be said and one of us will make a promise that we know we can't keep and nothing ever gets done anyway. It just makes us more broken. So why even talk about it in the first place? We're a lost cause.
  • Mom/Dad: Why don't you tell us anything?
  • Mom/Dad: *tells entire family about your problems*
  • Mom/Dad: *judges you*
  • Mom/Dad: *insults you*
  • Mom/Dad: *says you're overreacting*
  • Me: I don't know


Parent Logic: My kid is having a hard time. Better yell at them some more.